Why I’m Embracing “Unique” and Ditching “Perfect”

Everybody is chasing perfectionism.

The perfect body, the perfect hair, the perfect smile. The list goes on.

Everywhere I turn there’s a new diet or a new remedy promising to make you happy and promising to make you love yourself.

Everybody is striving to be “perfect”. But what is perfection? Does it even exist? Honestly?

The answer is no. It doesn’t.

There is no actual definition of the perfect person. And most of the images of “perfection” we see aren’t even real. Even the ones that are real, they aren’t you.

Every single person on this earth is unique. Being unique is amazing and beautiful! Yet, everyone wants to be like somebody else and look like somebody else.

A huge majority of images we see on social media and in the media itself are not completely genuine. Filters, photoshop, plastic surgery, different poses and all the other magic wands that are used to perceive our vision into something more desirable.

It’s time to stop believing this unrealistic ideal.

Look in the mirror. See what you see.

Every single part of you is what makes you who you are and shapes you into the unique person everyone around you knows and loves.

Hold your head up high and be proud of every single part of yourself. You do not need to change for anybody.

You are ALL beautiful people, just the way YOU are.

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