Looking in the Mirror Saying, “Who IS This?”: How to Get Excited About Your ED-Free Identity

If you’re anything like me, prior to your recovery journey you always saw yourself as the “healthy one”. The one others would look to with admiration over your will power to put in hours upon hours at the gym, rarely taking a day of rest, all while keeping the junk food at bay. You are were diligent in your ways, eating only what you saw as healthy and “safe”.

But suddenly when all that’s stripped away, what’s left? You look in the mirror and see someone you no longer recognize. You’re uncomfortable and so badly want to go back to your old ways…where you felt in control, confident and worthy. You want your comfort zone back and yet…you know there’s more.

It gets better

Trust me, your new identity is SO much more fulfilling than that of the past. No, you may not be the skinniest one in the room anymore. You may not have defined arms, or six pack abs or wear a size 0. But by the end of this you will be more free to love yourself and others.

You will become a better version of the you, you were before. A more patient and present you. Someone who savors life to it’s fullest. The you, you were meant to be…

Dig deep

Let this new identity emerge. Are you now the friend that is truly living in the present? No longer so caught up in her head to truly enjoy the moments she has on this beautiful earth. Or, are you now the wife that spontaneously suggests getting ice cream & pizza on a lazy day? Celebrate that.

I know there’s a new identity inside of you, just waiting to be introduced to the world.

My identity is no longer tied to that of the past. Now…I’m the carefree wife my husband so longed for. I can now enjoy life to the fullest.

I’m a present momma to my sweet babies, soaking up each moment. And I’m the patient friend, willing to truly be there for those I love.

What will your new identity be?

Embrace this season. Trust this process.

Know that what lies ahead is far more beautiful than you could ever imagine!

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