[#WarriorChallenge 1] Nail Biting: Stop This Impulsive Act

Ready or not, here comes the first #WarriorChallenge, a monthly challenge that is designed to help you strengthen your recovery muscles. Join me and warriors around the world as we bring more self-awareness to our thoughts, emotions and behaviors. This month’s challenge is for all you anxious nail biters out there, me included. The goal is to spend a little extra time this month taking care of our nails and observing when, where and why we want to bite them. Listen in to learn more about reasons you will want to participate in this challenge and how to do so.

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What You’ll Learn

  • How you can participate in the #WarriorChallenge.
  • What nail biting and bingeing have in common.
  • What to do when you fall down.
  • Why self-care is important.

 For Your Journey

  • Rise Up + Recover app on Google Play and iTunes 
  • Music Credit: “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor
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