Stop Repeating This Word [Warrior Challenge #5]

stop repeating

For many of us, “sorry” has become something that we reactively utter, regardless of whether we’ve done something wrong.

Sorry, can I squeeze through?

Sorry, I didn’t hear you.

Sorry, can you repeat that?

Sorry, I had no idea.

Sorry, I’m rambling.

Sorry, I’m just really sensitive.

The thing is most of the sorry’s we say are unnecessary and can actually lower our self-esteem, justify other’s poor actions and turn us into a complete pushovers. Not cool.

In this month’s #warriorchallenge we are going to bring our awareness to when we use this word in our daily communications and focus on replacing unnecessary sorry’s with more uplifting phrases. Tune into this short show to learn more.

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What You’ll Learn

  • What happens when you say sorry excessively
  • Why you want to have self-awareness to your speech patterns
  • What you can say instead of sorry
  • How to become more assertive


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  • This is such an important thing to be mindful of! I’ve had to work really hard to let the sorry habit go. Even if I’m actually apologizing I don’t say “I’m sorry.” I think it’s an affirmation of worthlessness. Instead I state, “I apologize for_____.” I’ve had to learn to name and separate the erroneous action from who I am so shame doesn’t sneak in. I’ve found this is a challenging practice even long and strong into my recovery. Thanks for this fabulous piece!!!

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