Feel broken? Read this poem

You are not broken.

I know it feels
like you will never heal.

You are bruised.
Everything hurts.

Every time
you put yourself
out into the world,
or someone
pushes you back
into the dark hole
you crawled out of.

It seems like you
will never trust yourself again.

You can’t believe
you will ever love again.

Not someone else,
& certainly not yourself.

It feels like you will never
keep your head above the water,
& you’ve been treading
for so long.

You’re exhausted.
Beaten down.
Close to quitting.

But you are not broken.

You will find a strength
you never imagined.

And you will learn to love yourself,
& you will find
your feelings were not dead,
just dormant.

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You will feel hunger,
you will feel satisfaction.

You will feel happy,
You will feel sad,
and everything in between.

You will feel a constant awe
at the beauty of feeling

You will trust your body
& more importantly,
you will trust your soul.

You will recover
And you are worth it.

You are not broken.

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