Kicking Diet Culture To The Curb and Taking Back Your Life With Summer Innanen

Summer Innanen

Summer Innanen’s life used to be dominated by exercise and dieting. She spent nearly two decades battling her body before she realized that the issue was not her size, but her mindset. Now, Summer is a podcaster and life coach who dedicates her time to helping people overcome their obsession with food and body. Learn how she broke away from her toxic relationship with diet culture and began to reconnect with the things in life that bring her true happiness.

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What You’ll Learn

  • Ways that seemingly healthy activities like Crossfit and the paleo diet can be harmful to someone with a negative body image
  • The parallels between diet culture and drug addiction
  • How embracing your emotions can help fill the void that diet culture leaves
  • Why it’s okay to feel bored in life and how that can actually bring you a sense of peace
  • How her marriage improved when she stopped being so obsessed with food and body and why it’s so important to find a partner who will accept your body in any form

 Favorite Quote

If you retain nothing else always remember the most important rule of beauty which is, who cares? – Tina Fey

Favorite Recovery Resource

Advice to Former Self

I would explain to her that she is an introvert, what that means, why it’s so special, and how to embrace it.

Definition of Recovery

Living life outside of food and your body. Living life to the fullest where it has meaning for you and you are fully experiencing the moments that are happening in your life.

For Your Journey

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