Staying Motivated After Setbacks with Dr. Ann Saffi Biasetti

Dr. Ann Saffi Biasetti

Motivation is not meant to stay at a steady place. So what do you do when you find yourself in a motivational low? According to expert, Dr. Ann Saffi Biasetti, author of Befriending Your Body: A Self-Compassionate Approach to Freeing Yourself From Disorder Eatingn it would be to practice self-compassion.

Simply put, the practice of self-compassion is treating ourselves with kindness and understanding in the face of our mistakes and failures.

In this insightful interview, Dr. Ann covers listener questions and shares how her clinical research on self-compassion has shown that it has everything to do with eating disorder recovery.

The science is compelling. Researchers across the world have found that self-compassion can improve the overall quality of your life on every single level, helping you decrease psychological distress, boost your motivationenhance feelings of self-worth and foster positive emotions like optimism, wisdom, curiosity and personal initiative.

As discussed in this interview, self-compassion is a process that unfolds slowly and over time it will make you fierce and strong like a warrior. The beautiful thing is it’s easy to integrate into your life — all you need to do is make a commitment to meeting your struggles in recovery with greater acceptance and kindness rather than rumination, criticism, and regret.

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Q. My question is: How do I break up with the “good” things my eating disorder provides me with like, a regime, a way to cope with my life stressors and a way to rebel against those around me who try to control me. -Liz

In Dr. Ann’s answer, you’ll learn:

  • Why an eating disorder serves as a function to protect us.
  • How every harmful behavior can be seen as a way of looking for help.
  • What you can say when you’re tempted to engage in negative behaviors.
  • In what ways self-compassion can help you to discover your needs.

Q. When you’re triggered by insight from your process that is very upsetting, how do engage in self-compassion when the pull to negative coping strategies is stronger then the soothing self-compassionate voice? -Phoenix

In Dr. Ann’s answer, you’ll learn:

  • What is “backdraft” and how it relates to the process of learning self-compassion.
  • What you need to do when you experience resistance when starting a self-compassion practice.
  • Why a self-compassion practice can feel aversive in the beginning when we have a lot of self-critical thoughts in our mind or haven’t received self-compassion in our own lives in the past.

Q. How do I keep motivation even after a slip up?

Yes, some days I still mess up. I’m human, and that’s where I’m holding I’m recovery. My problem is more that I lose motivation after. I feel like a failure. How can I hold onto the motivation? So a slip up doesn’t turn into a spiral? -Naomi

In Dr. Ann’s answer, you’ll learn:

  • Why we must be really vigilant in paying attention to what we say to ourselves.
  • What kills your motivation and brings it down.
  • The primary finding in Dr. Ann’s research on self-compassion for woman who’ve sustained recovery.

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Favorite Quote

Out of fairness, …

Out of fairness, I gotta cut myself some slack.

Out of fairness, with all I have going on right now.

Out of fairness, this is really challenging right now.

Favorite Recovery Resource

  • Gürze Paper Magazine

Advice to Former Self

Out of fairness, …

When I was a teenager struggling with anorexia, there were so many things going on in my life. If I would have used that term it would have stopped me dead in my tracks. I’d say “But of course I’m turning to this as a way to help myself. Look at this transition. Look at what’s just gone on. Look at this loss. Look at what I’ve been exposed to.”

I do wish someone would have said that to me then.

Definition of Recovery according to Dr. Ann Saffi Biasetti

You are human. Recovery is a healing process in discovering all of your humanness.

Dr. Ann Saffi Biasetti

For Your Journey

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