The Art of Surrender with Sophie Lippert


Imagine that tomorrow you are checking yourself into a treatment center…how would you spend the last hours before entering into this major life transition? For Sophie Lippert, a long time listener of the show, she wanted to share all her hopes, dreams and fears for this next chapter of her life. Tune in to this weeks show to listen to Sophie’s courageous story of battling insurance companies, destructive behaviors and a dysfunctional relationship. Amidst her vulnerability, is a strong and committed woman who is at a point in time where she is taking ownership for her recovery. 


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What You’ll Learn

  • Why Sophie decided she need a higher level of care
  • What the insurance companies made her do
  • Why there is so much ambivalence in separating from an eating disorder
  • How living a secretive life can lead to shame and guilt
  • Why one’s outer appearance can be deceiving
  • The power of support from a community




 Favorite Quote

We are something new still becoming. -Unknown

Let go of exhaustion as a status symbol and productivity as self-worth. -Brené Brown


Favorite Recovery Resource



Advice to Former Self

I would tell here that there is more merit and value to being versus doing. I would invite her to explore what it means to experience pleasure and what it means to “want” in a healthy way. She would get a lot of benefit from reading Appetites by Caroline Knapp.

Definition of Recovery

Showing up every single day and be willing to show up every single day for whoever I am in that moment and embracing that for what it is and then moving forward from that space.

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