What Are You REALLY Hungry For?

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When your body wants more…Give it more. When your body wants more, it doesn’t mean it is bad. It doesn’t mean it is greedy. Or lazy, or stupid. Or too much. When your body wants more – give your body more.

It simply means this: it is hungry.

When your heart wants more – give it more.

It doesn’t mean it’s too needy. Or too insecure. Or too selfish. Or greedy. It means it’s connecting with that which is so much larger and bigger than what you can see or touch. It simply means: it is hungry.

More is not a bad word. Neither is hungry. Or feeding, nourishing, healthy, or enough.


And more is not a desire to fight or battle or ignore. Less does not equal strength and denial does not deserve praise or accolades. Shrinking is not a victory and disappearing should no longer be an option.

Words like gentle and kind and listen are the ones with power. Respect, honor, allow and trust deserve our attention. Only then can we achieve the ever elusive freedom our hearts really desire.

What does your body want?

So when your body wants rest, give it rest. And when it wants to move, do it gently. And when your body wants more- give it more. Do so knowing you are taking the steps needed to give your heart, spirit and life more.

Because when your body wants more the reason is simple: it is hungry.

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