Poem: It’s Not the Food, Love, It’s You

It’s Not the Food:

It’s not the bread

It’s not the carbs

It’s not the chocolate

It’s not the cookies

It’s not the sugar

It’s not the caffeine

My love

Does your heart

Feel cutting this out

Is rather obscene?



Maybe so


It’s not the crackers

It’s not the fat

It’s not the cake

It’s you

My love


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As thin

As a rake

It’s not the grease

It’s not the pizza

It’s not the dairy

It’s not the grain

You will see

My love

It’s just you

Escaping feelings

Escaping trust

Escaping pain

So please

Please see

That the food

Is a must

It’s none of these

“Bad foods”

It’s just you

My love

In a dance

As the fool

It’s just you

my love

With E.D

And its rules

🖤 Learn to let go of ED rules at the School of Recovery.

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