A Poem: Who Is The President of Your Life?

A whole army in front of you
Ready to fight.
An army that is led by a president.
A manipulative president

Your eating disorder.

Making decisions to cover your depression.
Making decisions to bring you in danger.
The problem is,
You can choose a new president.

But there has to be a new candidate.
And what if there is no one?
What if you have no idea who the new president should be?

What if the true you is not here yet?
If the true you is not available?
If you have no idea who the true you is?
Then there is no alternative.

No one who can replace the president?
The manipulative president will continue to lead the country.

The country that is called your life.

Your army is strong.
You have school, friends, qualities and you can go on for hours.
But that army is nothing.

The decisions are made by the wrong person.
You can’t enjoy those things because the president doesn’t allow you to.
Because the president doesn’t find it interesting.  

And there you are again.


Not enjoying things you used to like.
Just because the president of your life is not liking it.

Dear warriors, you need another president to rule your life.

Maybe that president is not there yet.
But he/she will come.

You need to stop forcing yourself to be someone and start creating.
Start creating YOU.

Who is the person that is leading your country?
What does this person stand for?
You need to go on this journey.
The journey of finding who you truly are.

The journey to finally be able to let go of your eating disorder.

To finally be able to lead YOUR life.
Finally be your own president.
You’re own leader.
You’re own hero.


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