A Poem: The Beauty in You

depicting beauty in you, image of a smiling girl, with her eyes closed and her hand reaching for her hat

The beauty in you…

Don’t give up,

Don’t give in,

Always believe this is a fight you can win.

When days feel dark,

When times feel tough,

Never forget to always look up.

See through the clouds,

Look through the mist,

I promise you will find a reason to exist.

Forget the past,

Live for the new,

Stop for a minute, see what everybody else sees….

The beauty in you.


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  • I am very new at all this and have only started my recovery in the last 2 weeks, this poem is incredible and I would really like to read more if them!

    Is there anyway of me saving it and also accessing some more to read please?
    I really think they may help me when I’m feeling down and alone ❤

  • Hi Katie, I’m not sure what phone you have but most phones allow you to save the link to whichever post you’re on by copy and pasting it.

    Wishing you lots of luck in your recovery ???????????????? ????

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