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How To Connect With Your Inner Goddess

Connecting with your inner strength will make you feel powerful and provide you with the courage and motivation needed to reclaim your unique self and connect with your inner goddess. How? By allowing yourself to take time and be open to all that’s inside, all that is masked by the ugly lies of your eating disorder. To practice to connect with your true self I share a beautiful poem written by Julie Norman, an amazing nutrition counselor, yoga teacher and body image guru helping women to find back peace and empowerment.

Poetry for the Soul and Recovery

I am really excited to share this poem written by Danna Faulds, who is an amazing poet and dedicated practitioner of Kripalu Yoga. The first time I read one of her poems I was going through recovery of my eating disorder. My heart was locked, my mind was blank, and my soul was completely lost. In my journey, I started to do yoga and learn about mindfulness, both of which were very helpful in connecting with my body, but it was not until I read this poem that it seemed like all of the pieces were falling together. 

Learning to Practice Self-love and Self-care

I’m a hard worker. I’m also a perfectionist, and the combination of these two qualities unfortunately means that I also tend to overburden myself. This was especially true of me while I was in University. I took full course loads, joined two clubs, was in student government, had a part time job, worked out regularly, and still took on additional side projects whenever I could. The result was often that I ran myself ragged; all-nighters and 40-hour weeks in the library turned into anxiety attacks and sickness without fail.