How to Make a New Year Resolution That Will Lead to Real Change

What if you made a new kind of New Year resolution for 2022? One that led to real change this year. Rather than resolving to lose those ten pounds this year, instead you resolve to find 10 minutes of peace each day? Ten minutes a day where you stop judging yourself or anyone else. Find a time to focus on your inner self, your needs, and what’s best for you.  What if you resolved to dedicate ten minutes to be free from obsessing over what the world expects or wants from you. How would that be?

What if rather than promising to only eat “good” or “healthy” foods, instead you promise to only think kind and compassionate thoughts? Have a goal of freeing your mind of judgment and critical thoughts about yourself and others. How would that resolution change your life?

Rather than making a resolution to go to the gym three times a week, vow to work on becoming comfortable in your own skin.

What if your resolution led to a real change?

What if you replace feeling like you constantly have to move your body with the ability to sit and be still?  And what if you’re able to be present in moment, free of worry and fear? Would that change your life for the better?

What if rather than defining health by weight, dieting, or an exercise plan, you choose to focus on your mental health? You might realize that shame over your diet is actually more toxic than your diet. Wouldn’t that move you towards real change this new year?

What if rather than focusing on the number on your pants or the scale, you make a resolution to focus on the love you give and receive in the world. What if you resolve to count blessings instead calories and steps taken?

Try tracking the number of laughs, hugs, and favors you give and receive every day. Wouldn’t that be a new kind of resolution?

What if?

What if rather than obsessing over calories and steps and sizes all in the name of health, you decide to let go of shame, guilt and self-judgment?  What if right now, at this moment, you decide that all is okay. That you are okay. What would that change your year?

What’s holding you back from real change?

Are you afraid resolutions like these would mean you’ve “let yourself go”?  Would resolutions like these make you fear becoming “unhealthy”? Do these kinds of resolutions make you feel like you wouldn’t make true progress?

What if I told you the opposite is actually true? Research shows self-compassion motivates you more than self-criticism.

What if everything our society has taught us about health, food,  body, and weight is actually false? What if along with every diet, we have also been fed lies?

Checking your values

Today, right now, you can decide to dedicate this year to focusing on what matters most to you. For me, that is love, connection, healing, creating, sharing, and growing with an open heart.  Calories eaten, the size of my pants, and going to the gym. These don’t even come close to being what I value most.

This year, I challenge you to stop trying to be “better, thinner, stronger, or smarter.” Instead, I urge you to take in the beauty, magnitude of amount of joy and love already in this world right now.

I urge you to work on reconnecting with yourself, the universe, spirit, or whatever you want to call it.  I ask you to consider this as you make your New Year resolution. Stop focusing on trying to change your outside and instead focus on the inside.

How would that change your year ahead?

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