Why You Are Good Enough with Miriam Roelink


The feeling of not being good enough is pervasive and for Miriam Roelink it was this limiting belief that led her to fight a long battle with anorexia. In today’s society we are encouraged to strive for a constant state for betterment. Have you ever found yourself saying you need to be a better student? A better employee? A better parent? A better daughter or son? A better friend? A better client? A better romantic partner? The list goes on and one! In this search for perfection it can be easy to lose sight of the fact that you are already enough, that you are whole and complete as you are. In this episode of The Recovery Warrior Show, you’ll hear first hand from her what it was like to live in the dark and controlling world of not being enough and how this experience has led her to find her passion as an advocate in the eating disorder field. Miriam is the woman behind Recovery Warrior’s active and supportive social media channels as well as the editor in chief of this here magazine you are reading.
Miriam’s story is one in which anyone with a history of an eating disorder can relate. Tune in to discover why you are good enough, even if that voice inside your head is telling you otherwise.

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What You’ll Learn

  • How Miriam’s came to realize that her eating disorder was something negative.
  • Why treatment didn’t work the first time around.
  • The core limiting belief that her eating disorder took advantage of.
  • How she was able to change her mindset.
  • The positive character traits that she needed in order to recover.
  • Miriam’s definition of recovery and so much more!

 Favorite Quote

When it’s all finished you’ll discover that it was never random. -Unknown

The things that make me different are the things that make me. -Winnie the Pooh

Favorite Recovery Resources

Advice to Former Self

  • No matter what you are going through, you as a person are good enough. You do not need to change in order to deserve love or recognition. You are the person you are meant to be as long as you are open to be that person.

Definition of Recovery

  • Feel free in your mind and soul and that you can live an authentic life instead of feeling like you are living in a cage.

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1 Comment

  • Thank you for sharing your story Miriam. I was so inspired listening. Being that I had suffered and nearly died from anorexia nervosa for six years, I could relate in so many ways.
    I felt validated when you said that your anorexia was never really about being thin but rather about being trapped in a routine. My eating disorder was very much the same. I felt trapped in a routine of endless food and compulsive exercise rituals and rules that I just could not escape. My life was ruled by my eating disorder and I was in such a dark place.
    I could also relate to that endless pursuit of perfectionism. My life was consumed by being perfect in school, my grades were literally my life and determined my self-worth, which was really unhealthy. I also put all of my time into adhering to my eating disorder’s rigid routine and it made me so sick both physically and mentally.
    Living with the eating disorder was a sad and lonely time in my life, but I have recovered. Like you said in your talk, with years of treatment, I learned to use my weaknesses as strengths. Through recovery, perfectionism became drive, obsessions became passions, and overall instead of putting these traits toward my eating disorder, I used my determination and consistency toward helping others recover from eating disorders. I created meaning from my suffering, and now I am living a balanced life.
    Thank you again for sharing your story and the insight that comes within your experience.

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