Recognizing You Have Choices and Can Change with Melissa Fabello


Feminism means different things to different people, but on this episode of The Recovery Warrior Show you can learn what it means to Melissa Fabello, the managing editor of Everyday Feminism. Tune in to learn how Melissa’s history of an eating disorder has led her to become a fierce activist for body acceptance and media literacy.

Be you and recognize the parts of you that may have been influenced by your social conditioning.~Melissa

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What You’ll Learn:

  • What is Melissa’s definition of feminism.
  • What triggered her eating disorder to form in her mid 20’s.
  • What helped Melissa stabilize her obsessive thoughts.
  • How she approaches dating and intimate relationships in recovery.

What you expect recovery to look like, isn’t what recovery actually looks like. ~Melissa

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  • Hello Jessica,
    I love all your podcasts, and admire all the hard work your doing to help others who are struggling with eating disorders. You bring a lot of hope into my life and strenght to my recovery. This show with Melissa Fabello was absolutely interesting and I was especially grateful to hear the voice of a queer and feminist woman speak about her journey to recovery. Heteronormativity at times can make me feel like my sexual identity is shameful, and I am happy that the recovery warrior show is acknowledging a diversity of sexual identites and support the LGBTQ2S community to gain more visibility.
    Thank you so much,

    • I’m glad you liked this episode Rebecca! It is important to me to get real stories of recovery on the show that are not limited to one sexuality, age, ethnicity, religion or gender. I’ll definitely continue to support the LGBTQ community so their voices and stories can be heard ????????????????

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