The Media Doesn’t Show What Eating Disorders Are Really Like. That’s Why I Made This Video

What is it really like having an eating disorder? Perhaps those of us who have suffered with an eating disorder know the true pain and anguish one goes through.

However, if someone was to look at how the media portrays eating disorders and mental health issues in general, they would have a very different idea of what an eating disorder experience is.

Social media sites such as Tumblr, in addition to television and film often present eating disorders as cute, quirky and endearing. They almost make them look like something to aspire to. In reality, disordered eating and the thoughts that accompany it can be debilitating, all consuming, and anything but “cool”.

In my video I try and give a real, raw insight into my personal experience of anorexia and bulimia.

At the same time, I want to share a positive message. One of hope and the belief that you can find true happiness in recovery.

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