Love Heals Pain

When we feel hurt, we must be gentle, kind, and compassionate with ourselves.  Love heals pain.  So pamper thyself!  We can soothe and pamper ourselves, no matter how unbearable life may feel.  We can observe our surroundings using our senses: we look, we listen, we feel... 

seashells on the beach forming the shape of a heart to depict that love heals pain

When I am feeling physical or emotional pain, my first instinct is to leave my body. I often begin to experience discomfort. And then I feel the strong desire to avoid my current situation. I forget that love heals pain.

Within seconds, my Self has set out in a mad attempt to escape and is already lingering about five feet away from my physical body. And quickly, I feel stuck, because without being a whole integrated person, I cannot move.

In the past, my body would numb my mind through food. My mind would make up plans for depriving my body. All of this occurred while my frightened sense of self would go into hiding. These days, I recognize the pattern. Rather than support the escape, I choose to return to my body. I gather all of my wisdom and strength. Then I go into the pain and practice mindfulness.

Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding. — Kahlil Gibran 

Love heals pain

When we feel hurt, we must be gentle, kind, and compassionate with ourselves. Love heals pain. So pamper thyself! We can soothe and pamper ourselves, no matter how unbearable life may feel.

We can observe our surroundings using our senses: we look, we listen, we feel. We can take a bath and play peaceful music. We can get a massage. We can write, take time to drink a cup of tea or coffee, or visit a spot in nature. We can walk alone, with a dog, or with a friend. We can go for a slow jog to get our bodies moving and warm. 

And we will always survive our pain when we choose to be present with ourselves.

Each time we sit still amongst our sorrows and stay conscious, we learn, again and again, that we are stronger, wiser, and more courageous than we ever knew was possible.

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