How to Prevent Binge Eating Over the Holidays with Leora Fulvio

Leora Fulvio

For many, Thanksgiving, a holiday centered around family and food, is the perfect storm to engage in out of control emotional eating (aka binge eating). Whether it is an insensitive comment from a family member or childhood wounds being reactivated emotions can run high along with the urges to self-soothe with food. In this show, Leora Fulvio, an expert in overcoming binge eating and instructor of the 5 Week Step-by-Step Program to Stop Binge Eating for Good shares a wide array of coping tactics you can call on before, during, and after the holidays to help you stay on track in your recovery.

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What You’ll Learn

  • How to navigate urges to binge before, during, and after the holidays
  • The importance of having a¬†strong support network
  • Strategies to work through stressful relationship dynamics
  • Skills to self-soothe instead of reaching for food
  • How to reset after a binge if one does occur


Learn More: 5 Week Step-by-Step Program to Stop Binge Eating for Good


 Favorite Quote

Healing isn’t about working on yourself; it’s about becoming yourself.

Serenity is not the absence of conflict, but the ability to cope with it.


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Warrior Moment

It has been a very difficult week; for women especially. We’ve had to be there for each other and support each other. I have done my best to be very present during this challenging time in American history.

Definition of Recovery

Letting go of the need to change and accepting who you are and what you look like with love and compassion.

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  • One of my biggest challenges being around family (at the holidays or otherwise) is that I have four sisters, all of whom have had eating disorders and most of which still have disordered eating to this day (ex: intermittent fasting, eating “clean”, still very weight and body-focused)…it’s extremely triggering to me and yet I only see my family once a year at most-sometimes only every few years. Any advice on how to discuss the fact that this talk is triggering to me?

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