Having a Bad Day Out of Nowhere? Read This (a poem)

Sometimes you can go weeks
without having a bad day

You feel like a soldier, marching on forward,
Like you’ve found your way

Then suddenly out of nowhere
The unwelcome thoughts start creeping in

Making you feel like you want to give in


Giving in would be easy because
you wouldn’t have to fight

But deep in your heart,
You know those thoughts aren’t right

There’s so many storms you’ve battled to get here
One hundred times or more, you’ve already fought through these fears

You have to reflect on why you chose to make this change
Years from now, you don’t want to be on the same page

So take the unwelcome thoughts and turn them around

Focus on your positive days

and many more will soon be found

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  • This poem is so beautiful, and it so accurately captures the important mindset to refocus into on those really hard days. Thank you for writing such a wonderful poem!

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