Longing for Brighter Days? Find a Glimmer of Sunshine in This Poem

As I took my first step on to this long and misty road,
I could barely see a sight in front of me.

I felt blind. I felt lost. I felt terrified.
But I knew I couldn’t stay stood still.
Blinded by the mist and fog surrounding me.

My vision was blurred.
I took a small step forward.
Followed by another.
Baby steps.

Occasionally tripping, stumbling and falling along this road…
The mist and fog in front of me started to fade.
I felt afraid. Afraid of what I may see.
Or feel.

As I slowly took more steps, I began to see a small, very bright glimmer of sunshine.
I felt instantly warmer.
I knew then, I was heading in the right direction.
As my steps are slowly getting bigger.

My vision becomes brighter,
When the mist appears, and causes me to sometimes trip and stumble,
I can look up and be sure I am still moving forward.
Towards the sun

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