A Poem: From Nothing to Everything

Nothing feels better than connecting with friends.

Nothing feels better than smiling genuinely and laughing with a loved one.

Nothing feels better than dancing to music and feeling your body sway freely as you allow the joy.

Nothing feels worse than lying in bed at 3am trying to tell yourself you aren’t really hungry.

Nothing feels worse than the cold tile floor in the bathroom as your mind races wondering if you did enough.

Nothing feels worse than the intrusive thoughts about numbers and sizes that will not ease up or give you one second of relief.

Anything can terrifying when it is unknown and unexpected.

Anything can cause fear when we feel incapable and unsteady on our own two feet.

Anything can knock us backwards when we do not have solid legs to stand on.

Anything can be possible if we allow in love, light, and connection.

Anything can be achieved if we choose to let go of that which does not serve us.

Anything can happen if we ask for and receive help and trust fully in the process of recovery.


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